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The Great Copyright Suit of Odoo vs Flectra and the Conclusion

Since the declaration of the Flectra, Odoo has become so uncomfortable and filled with malign intentions to cause the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) about the project in the minds of devlopers, partners, integrators, investors and users.

They were quite fearful because of the capabilities and team behind the Flectra, which would give them a tough competition and may capture a good market share in the Open Source ERP market. To stop Flectra from growing, Odoo decided to play dirty tricks and start maligning the image of Flectra on various platforms, spreading lies about Fork and copyrights.

They even published vogue blog on their website where they desperately tried to show various fabricated evidences and tried to convince people about their lies. But as always lies have a short life and the truth goes a long way.

Odoo S.A with a malign intentions filed a case against Flectra in Ahmedabad, India court. The case in which when asked to argue about the proofs and verification of the proof, Odoo S.A. decided to drop the case and settle it. Without fighting the case, not even at a single argument. Why ? because they knew there was never an infringement they can ever prove in the court. If they were so sure about their evidence, why didn’t they fight ? Because their intention was to maliciously spread the FUD only.

The reason they state in their vogue blog is that due to the strike of counsel (lawyers) things have been delayed (utter lies and more lies) and in the end they wasted lots of time and money. Exactly, You never had anything to prove than just utter lies and spreading misinformation to the public, and your blog with all the vogue information if proof of it.

From a technical point, their case never had a chance to stand in the court, as from technical standpoint, when you are using a common framework, there is always a similarity in writing code and snippets. You can have similar variable or function names if you are using a framework driven naming convention.

And in the end, the legal matter is closed by the court and the case has been DISPOSED OF by the Hon’ble Commercial Court at Ahmedabad, Gujarat State, India on 4th May 2018.

We at Flectra would like to assure all the developers, partners, integrators, investors and users that Flectra is FREE from any of such allegations, rumors and infringement cases.

We are successfully running Flectra since 2017 for more that 1 Million users in 400,000 organizations across 100+ countries.

You are free to use it, implement it as and how you like with the spirit of Open Source without any obligations or fear.