Streamline Approvals with Open Source Management: Enhance Decision-Making, Boost Efficiency!

Gives you the option to create different approval types based on a company’s business model.

Multi Approval
Approval Type

Select any of the two approval categories:

  1. Approval category for an existing business model: Includes categories like sale order, Purchase Order, HR Recruitment, Invoice, and so on.

  2. Approval category for a new business model: Select the fields that are relevant to your company’s needs and requirements.

Flectra Multi Approval comes with a simple approval flow

employee - request- manager- approved

All approval requests go through this flow. Just choose the appropriate approver whether it is a manager or a line manager.

Multi Approval comes with 3 set modules:

  1. Flectra Approval

  2. Flectra Approval: HR Extensions

  3. Flectra Approval: All in one

Approval Request