These release notes for Flectra 1.0 (Snowcap) provide an overview of the release and document the known issues with Flectra 1.0.

New features in Flectra 1.0 (Snowcap)

  • Intuitive User Interface

    The new and improved intuitive user interface is easy to user, mobile and tablet friendly. It is extendable in a way that organization can adjust color and font scheme according to their needs.

  • Multi Company and Multi Business Branch Support

    Flectra now supports out of box multi business branch out of box, each master and transaction record can be distinguished based on the company and branch. Access for the users can also be defined based on company and branch level.

  • RMA

    Process returns/exchanges for customers with ease. Initiate and manage RMA, keep customer informed with built-in automated email triggers.

  • Multi Website

    Create multiple website and user separate domain names, all using one single system and database. Separate configuration for each domain.

  • Auto Currency Rate Update

    Get up to date currency rates from various currency rate providers including European Central Bank, Federal Tax Administration (Switzerland) and many more.


    Uniform interface to connect third party apps with flectra using a stateless, client-server, cacheable communications.

  • Contract Management

    Store and Manager Business Contracts at one place, Track Expenses, Budgets and Receivables all at one place.

  • Timesheet Invoicing

    Invoice customers for hours spent for the services based on the project or contract using timesheet based invoicing.

  • Payment Follow-up

    Send automated payment reminder with different level and different text for each level of reminder.

  • Sale / Account Discount

    Set discount by % or by amount on over all sale order or invoice without going to each product line item.

  • Password Policy

    Setup password policy according to organizational needs for better security.

  • Drag & Drop Attachments

    Simply drag & drop your attachments against any record to connect all the documents with a certain record. Effortlessly pull the attached documents against any record.

  • Project Scrum

    Follow Agile based project management methodology for any project using scrum. Create sprints, milestone and much more with great ease.

  • Gantt View

    Create Gantt view for any objects, plan things efficiently and easily.

  • RTL Support

    Flectra now supports Right To Left languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Pashto and Urdu out of box.

  • Mass Email Retry

    Retry, Cancel or Delete failed emails with just one click.

  • CMS

    CMS page layout is now distributed in 6 sections, pre-header, post-header, header, body, post-footer and footer, making it easier to create themes and extensions.

  • New Themes

    Flectra comes with two built-in themes, theme_techreceptives and theme_art to get you started with CMS and Ecommerce Use.

  • Website Sale

    Core flectra has now improved features for

    • Wishlist
    • Product Quick View
    • Product Tags
    • Product Brands
    • Product Attributes
    • Product Limit Per Page
    • Product Description
    • Product Ribbon
    • Language Flag
    • Product Share Options
    • Product View Switcher

Known Issues

1. Multi website support is limited to one theme per website, same theme cannot be used multiple times for single database.

2. Gantt Chart library still not that much responsive, needs to fix some issues like designing, drag & drop in core library.

Reporting bugs

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