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Native e-signature for Flectra

Merge your internal communication software with Flectra e-signature to handle business document e-signing in a time-efficient manner.

Fast-tracks business documents signing and ensures fool-proof e-signing. Works perfectly if the person is at a remote location or in your office.

Signnow pdf

Scale your business with e-signature workflows anytime, anywhere.

  • Generate a PDF document and the client/customer can sign in from any mobile device. Enables you to close tasks on the e-signature platform on the go. It is the best tool to get e-signs for documents like NDAs, waivers, and so on.

  • Add the company’s logo to PDFs and emails to improve the company’s branding. Delivers customized e-sings in just one click!

Achieve higher efficiency for your company:

Combine Flectra e-signature features with your company’s software to minimize the paperwork and get results faster for your clients and your company.

Signnow configuration