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1- An offer at the heart of the information systems revolution : Globalization, increased competition, increasingly shorter technological and commercial cycles, dematerialization and the advent of the mobile Internet; The information system is today at the heart of the company, it is its center of intelligence and decision. Therefore, to ensure its performance, reliability and adequacy to current and future needs, the company must implement an architecture and scalable solutions for strategic decisions that are fast, consistent and relevant. With this in mind, JACO Technology stands out as an architect, accompanying its customers in the harmonization of their computing platform and networks. Indeed, JACO Technology combines its skills with the knowledge of the needs and requirements of its customers. 2- A perfect knowledge of the Job : JACO Technology masters all the software offerings by the major players in the IT worlds ranging from the infrastructure to the application layer via the database and the middleware.  3- Maintenance and Assistance : JACO Technology offers an annual contract of maintenance and assistance accessible to the working hours, with a care within a period agreed by the parties.  4- Skills Transfer and Training The objective of the training is to enable people in charge of operations and administration to understand the operation of the global technological solution and the various constituents in their context of use. JACO Technology offers a choice of services: - On-site skills transfer - A training range "Products"

109 Rue Bebey Eyidi
    Douala 12011