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Flectra ERP Support Plans:
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Experience complete peace of mind with world-class ERP support


Smartly Designed Plans To Suit Your Business Demand

Flectra offers multiple support plans for businesses who need a robust, fault-proof, and reliable ERP system to ensure that your business operates at maximum efficiency with minimum downtime. Flectra ERP Support Plans offer access to highly responsive technical support, priority assistance, regular product updates and implementations, post-installation support, and more. Our flexible support plans are intelligently designed, so that you only pay for the services you need and the time we spend addressing your ERP issues, irrespective of the number of users or workstations you have.

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Support Packages

$ 999

25 Hours

  • 3 Months Validity
$ 1,999

50 Hours

  • 6 Months Validity
$ 3,799

100 Hours

  • 1 Year Validity
$ 6,999

200 Hours

  • 2 Years Validity

Additional Development and Migration

Flectra ERP Support plans do not cover the additional development and migration services. To know more about these services,
including their pricing details, get in touch with us here.

Business Day A weekday that is not a holiday. A business day is only counted for the business hours from 11:00 AM to 05:30 PM IST
Reportable Incidents Reportable incidents are defined as any faults, issues, or failures of a software product in part or in full, and that can be reproduced and verified, unless they are

(a) caused by the use of the software product by the customer for purposes other than what they were explicitly intended for.

(b) caused by the use of the software product in contravention of the proper usage guidelines supplied with the product.

(c) not interfering with the functioning or use of the product.

(d) caused by the modification of the product by the customer or a third party in a way that is not covered under the product usage agreement.

(e) caused by the failure on part of the customer to install the updates, bug fixes,improvements, and other product modifications provided by Flectra in a timely manner.
Error Correction Any changes introduced by Flectra to the customer’s software product or services in order to restore its full functionality and features, as described in the Specifications provided with the product. These changes eliminate the negative effects of any issues, flaws, faults, or errors that are observed in the customer’s product.
Severity 1 Error This is the state of highest severity of an issue or problem faced by the customer, wherein the customer’s mission-critical systems like production server are down, and no immediate resolution is available and

(a) a significant amount of customer’s mission-critical data is under the threat of either being permanently lost or corrupted.

(b) customer’s products or services are suffering from a major downtime.

(c) customer’s security systems have been breached, and a significant amount of valuable or sensitive data is being accessed or stolen. Issues that are excluded from Severity 1 Error are

(1) client software issues or third-party software issues.

(2) software products that have not completed the UAT, such as demonstration systems. Also, when the customer fails to provide the appropriate resource to assist with fixing the issue, the issue will be downgraded from Severity 1 level.
Severity 2 Error Severity 2 errors are characterized by

(a) the impairment of a major functionality or feature of a software product, while the product itself can continue to function, albeit in its impaired state, in a way that can significantly compromise the integrity of its long-term data.

(b) the non-availability of any permanent solution for the issue, while a temporary fix is available. Issues in client software or third-party products will not be treated as Severity 2 Error by Flectra.
Severity 3 Error It refers to an error that has only impaired a non-critical functionality in a software in such a way that the software can continue to operate and serve its intended purpose, while some component(s) may be impaired.
Severity 4 Error Issues that are minor in nature, such as errors in documentation, general usage questions, cosmetic issues, and so on.
Response Time It’s the time taken by Flectra to acknowledge the issue, assign a case reference number, and confirm the severity level of the issue.
Max hours of support Flectra provides support for the maximum number of hours as featured in the support plan chosen by the customer. Any additional support is available as per the discretion of Flectra.

Bonus Offering

Want Free Support? You can access the wealth of knowledge base and live assistance available on the Flectra ERP Forum. Flectra ERP Forum is an active community of developers, users, and enthusiasts who post issues, share solutions, and help others succeed. You can browse through the older posts to find effective solutions to the faults you are facing. Guess what! Access to Flectra ERP Forum is free for everyone. Check out the Flectra ERP Forum today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Flectra does not offer free demo. But yes, we do offer a free support system through our forum. Flectra ERP Forum is a thriving community of members, where the users can easily find the solutions to most of the issues they face with the Flectra’s products and services. When users cannot find ready answers to their problems, they can register on the forum, post their issue, and wait for the community members to help them with their issue.
Dedicated support is the support services offered directly by the Flectra’s in-house team of ERP experts. These services are provided for users who need a highly responsive support system to address their support issues on priority. The dedicated support services are provided to the users as per the Service Level Agreements between them and Flectra, which can include telephone, email, and on-site support.
Signing up for a Flectra Support Plan ensures that you have a dedicated team of highly qualified Flectra ERP experts on standby to attend to any issues you face with your ERP system. Our responsive and proficient technical team will spring into action and work on resolving the issues you face on priority. What’s more, unlike our competitors, we do not charge you by the number of users, but by the number of support hours you pre-order over a 12-month period. More importantly, we provide rigid and reliable time-scales for the responses and fixes you get from our support services.
Flectra’s committed team of ERP experts offer best-in-class support services that are second to none. Flectra Support Team is made of ERP experts that designed, developed, and continue to maintain Flectra ERP system. Therefore, they have a thorough knowledge of the entire system and can resolve on an expedited basis any issue or fault you face with your system.
Unfortunately no. We manage a lean and agile team in order to offer you the best services at the lowest possible prices. In order to maintain a capable team full of talented individuals, we need to hire, train, and maintain the quality of our ERP experts, all of which require significant medium-term investments. We can make such investments only when we have medium-term contracts to fund such investments. That’s is why we require upfront payment from our clients.

Our dedicated support services deliver world-class ERP support services. Our services include:

  • Priority support based on the severity level of the issue
  • Direct access to dedicated ERP experts and support from them
  • Response time guarantees
  • General and technical assistance with general setup,configuration,usage, troubleshooting, and general questions
  • Support for ERP system, including for updates, new releases, and multiple versions
  • Maintenance support for all releases of the system
  • Consulting assistance for new features, upgrades, patches, bug fixes, and more.
Unfortunately, no. We make sizeable investments into acquiring, training, and maintaining the best talent to provide you reliable support services. Hence, we cannot refund your payments, once they have been made.
Flectra ERP Support plans are a subscription agreement between you and Flectra. The agreement will automatically renew at the end of 12 months. So, you do not have to sign up again. However, if you do wish to cancel your subscription, you can always do that on the support dashboard.