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Why Big Companies Use Open Source Solution?

Why Big Companies Use Open Source Solution?

By Flectra

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Big Companies and open source are two terms focused on the idea of improving the world. Open source offers the freedom to utilize the latest technology at no cost. Big companies, on the other hand, easily disrupt the technology we use every day.

The love between the big companies and open source is not new. Many companies have taken open source as their primary platform driver and have benefited from it. According to surveys, 78% of companies run using open-source solutions.

Big companies also tend to contribute to the open-source community. The contribution helps them to maintain their portfolio and improve the community as well.

Putting the statistics aside, let's get started with the question of "Why Big Companies use open source". The prime example that we will utilize during the answer is an open-source ERP system utilization. ERP is at the core of any business out there. There is no doubt that most of the small to mid-scale businesses opt for open source ERP solutions.

Without wasting much time, let's dive deep into the benefits big companies get by using an open source solution.

Why Do Big Companies Use Open Source?

Open source solutions cost less

When it comes to proprietary solutions, one thing that differentiates them with open source is the cost each of them carries. Open source is cheap as they don't have any licensing terms of their own. They can be used without any permission and can easily be added to the old systems.

Adding functionality is also cheaper compared to its proprietary counterparts.

Other costs including maintenance and support costs are less. Adding new technologies is also cost-effective as there are many other open-source libraries and systems to be utilized.

Technically diverse and innovative

When anyone speaks about open source, the first thing that comes into mind is the technical difference. 

Open source has more chances to be diverse and creative, compared to proprietary software or solutions. The prime reason is the number of people who are working on the software.

Open source solutions also have a tendency to be more innovative than proprietary solutions.

The open-source solution provides better quality

Open source means collaboration and this means the software is worked upon by hundreds of developers all over the world. The idea is simple, create, contribute, and let it reap rewards. Open source, because of its open nature tends to be more focused on quality than anything else.

Bugs are fixed quickly and features are added frequently compared to the proprietary systems. The community also provides good side support and enables new users to get their boats across the river.


Security is always a big concern for big companies. Hackers have made businesses lose millions of dollars already, and they are now more focused on using systems that are secure from the core.

Open source seems to be their best bet as they are worked upon by many developers, fixing any loopholes in the system.

The end result? A comparatively secure system with the ability to customize.

Business Agility and Customization

Businesses are made for change and when it changes, a certain element of open source is highly celebrated, i.e., agility. New business ideas can be implemented in less time due to their open source ability. 

Customization is also where open source software excels.

Both agility and customization aspects help open source become a part of big companies out there. They are constantly improving and enabling themselves to disrupt the market at a faster rate.

Beyond any doubt, open-source is a great choice for big companies. They help in risk mitigation and also enable businesses to keep track of their growth.

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