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Get the right ERP solution for your complex operations!

Get the right ERP solution for your complex operations!

By Flectra

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ERP solution is vital but selecting the right one for your complex operations is more important. There are different ERP solutions that fit with different business models. Let’s try to find out how to get the one right for complex operations.

It is a suite of integrated business management software applications. The ERP can be used to store and manage business data of a company or organization, on its every stage of the business; i.e production planning, cost and development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales et al. This software application has become a vital organizational tool in today’s business management because of its efficiency in keeping the business systems organized and also offers error-free transaction and production. 

As the business develops and grows there are several complications that show up. AS soon as new business operation comes in the pipeline, you need to look for human resources and then train them. There is so much work need to do and that too quite efficiently. For combating these complex operations and changes your business needs a comprehensive business model. 

As the business grows the entry levels solutions get inefficient and that is why you need a robust ERP solution. There are several benefits of using an ERP solution. Here are few of those:

  • An ERP solution can manage the complex business operation and business changes

  • You can easily control all your business processes from one centralized platform

  • All the integrated sectors such as finances, marketing, and human resource can be managed from one platform

  • Any team member can get access to the data in seconds

  • This enables better communication and reduces the time required

  • Which on the other hand increased production and accuracy

These are some of the advantages of using ERP solutions in solving complex operations.  Companies would often want to set up their own customized Enterprise Resource Planning software. The custom ERP software allows the customization of the ERP, according to the needs of each company. 

But customization includes re-mapping the whole structure of the organization and the processing of the organization. It would also include re-arrangements in the queries, reports, data input-output, and other administrative procedures. 

The vendor must be cautious during the process of customization, to ensure that the application fits and functions according to the desires of the organization. There are some customizations that could still be functional even after software upgradations. 

The customization of ERP has both its pros and cons. And to customize is always optional for companies. But before customization, one must be aware of the advantages and disadvantages. The advantage would be that a custom ERP would be many users friendly and thus offers an advantage of competitive business.


AS the business changes it is very much important for you and your team to check out the complex operations that will show up in the coming days. This can be dealt with by using comprehensive ERP solutions.

The Open Source ERP and CRM system software, Flectra is one of the swiftest software with superior and powerful design rich in features. It comprises of essential aspects and features like CRM, Purchase, CMS, Project Management, Sales, Inventory, Point of Sale, Helpdesk, Accounting, Human Resource, Manufacturing, and Marketing Automation. With its amiable performance, till date, Flectra has served over 10,000 users. Its modular design grabs attention as the ultimate business suite.

Why Flectra?

Flectra has been performing splendidly since the day it was launched. Amongst all the features discussed, its ERP and CRM services take the center stage and grab the attention for its specifications and over the edge services.


Getting enlisted among the best ERP Software at GoodFirms gives it a boost. The ERP Software features that are expected to lead it here are its Accounting Integration, Customer Management, Inventory Management, Distribution Management, Asset Management, and Financial Management. Additionally, it even renders its support via HR Management, Project Management, Purchase Order Management, Supply Chain Management, Tracking, and Visibility, and Warehouse Management.

Along with this, in this digital world with a huge competition, analytics plays a huge role in getting to know the customers, their background and preferences. Based on this, strategic decisions are taken. Here is where this awesome software plays a great role. It helps to build stronger relationships with businesses by providing powerful insights and thoughtfully and statistically correct reports. The automation process supported by it gives strength to the companies for reducing the wastage of time in approvals.

When the talk diverges towards the best CRM Software which the users can trust, Flectra takes the honor again.Flectra can hence be said as one of the best sales management tools. The 360degree view of its customers helps it cater to all important aspects that a client notes.It simplifies the business processes using its mobility. It even offers the facility of personal calling to the customers, customer history display, and aids in intelligent lead generation.

It provides some amazing features. Let us have a look at them. 


Cloud Hosted

Open API










Monthly Payment

Annual Subscription

Quote Based

One-Time Payment



Help Guides

Video Guides


On-Site Training




Live Chat

Online (Ticket)

Business Hours

When it comes to the businesses it caters, it is great to see that it never hatches exception for a small business or a large, even a freelancer. All the above types of businesses have taken advantage of this software for boosting the performance of their company and thus, Flectra is the best choice.

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