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Choosing an ERP system? Check out the 5 must have ERP features

Choosing an ERP system? Check out the 5 must have ERP features

By Flectra

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ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) is a way to go for current industries. It provides an optimized business process and a centralized hub to handle the business processes.

ERP being an enterprise application consists of tons of features. And, this can be a problem, only for the ERP vendor, but also for the consumer. Knowing the most important feature that easily helps them to gain a clear perspective on what to focus on.

It's big and awesome. The only thing that we need to focus on is how it resonates with the idea of the current market. Which features are must-have? Should you go for everything that ERP offers?

The answer is no. You don't need anything. But, there are some key features that you should not ignore either. So, what are they? Let's have a look below.


Management is a well-known fact that not all businesses are similar, but the majority have some kind of inventory. It can be physical goods or digital goods, any inventory at some point becomes hard to manage manually. And, that's why it is necessary to automate most of the inventory management workload.

Inventory management helps the managers to keep track of the inventory and restock it whenever necessary. Inventory management can also work in tandem with the other business process and will make it easy for everyone to handle the requirements.


The current workforce and its work-flows are more dynamic than before. With cloud computing and other useful technology, mobility is not an issue anymore. Any employee can easily work from a distance place and still be able to make an impact on the business. Current ERP solutions require a lot of mobility to survive in the current market. So make sure that your new ERP solution is equipped with the mobility feature and can easily work with data across a network. Mobility is also linked to the satisfaction of the employee.

Ease of Use

ERP is great. They give so much functionality. They can truly change how your business work. All is true, but with one single condition. It must be user-friendly.

No one wants to use an ERP that is hard to use and understand. Productivity is a key term in the success of the business. Any good ERP easily takes users in its design elements. The functions should be clear to use and should also come with proper documentation.

Always makes sure that you try the demo of the ERP before making the final call.


Standardization resource is an interesting field of the company work process. With HR, it would be tough to get quality workers, engage them in a good work-flow, and make the most out of their talents.

HR might seem a small task. But, it takes a lot to handle the daily work associated with human resource management. HR management needs to work with training, hiring, retention, and make the organization a better place for talent to prosper.


Business is all about finance. Every small step requires some financial transactions. Small business is less likely to handle finance management clearly. But, when the business grows, it becomes hard to manage every single detail.

Finance integration is the most sought feature for any ERP solution. With the finance module, you can keep track of every single transaction happening within your system. The system can integrate with other modules and keep track of all the business purchases and monetary records. There is no doubt that the Finance module can help businesses to keep track of their current expenditure and profit, but also help them to plan for the future.

Wrapping Up

All the necessary features that are listed above can easily be found in an Open source ERP system. For example, you can utilize the Flectra platform for easy customization and further enhance the system with Flectra ERP development.

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