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8 Benefits of Open Source ERP Solutions

8 Benefits of Open Source ERP Solutions

By Flectra

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Nowadays, the most common aspect of the business is the ERP solution. To stand in the midst of all the competition, businesses need to turn their heads towards ERP solutions. The reason is simple and controlling different aspects of the business from a central point of control.

For a business to decide which platform to use and also choose between the proprietary ERP solution or Open Source solution is a big question. Many businesses decided to go for proprietary solutions, but they missed out on the advantages or benefits that Open Source ERP solutions provide to the users.

Today, We are going to discuss the 8 benefits of Open Source ERP solutions. The world is full of new technologies and businesses should take care of the different facets of business and evolution.

1. Freedom

The ERP solutions under the philosophy of Open Source come with a tag of ""freedom"". You are the sole owner of the solution and can use it at your own discrepancy. The proprietary solutions require prior permission to modify and can deal with a lot of wasted time and resources.

Any business can come up with a new feature that can benefit them in the long run. In the case of an Open Source ERP solution, you can start developing it, but in the case of proprietary solutions, things can easily get messy and complicated.

2. Customizability

Customizing the ERP solution according to the business requirement is necessary. The Full-blown ERP solution is packed with features the business never needs. Also, there are circumstances, where some features need to cut off the final version.

The industry requires customizable ERP solutions and businesses that invest in customizable ERP solutions are bound to do well in both internal and external processes related to it.

3. Ready for pre-testing without purchasing a license

Proprietary solutions have one big problem; they require licensing even in the testing phase and that can unnecessarily burden the testing team. Licensing requires both investment and time. But if you are working on an Open-Source ERP solution such as Flectra, chances are that you can skip all the licensing and dive deep into the testing and launching phase.

4. OpenSource Community

I cannot emphasize the impact of this point. A community plays a vital role in the growth of the ERP solution. Bugs get fixed, patches are released, modules are created much faster. The advantages are more; teams can collaborate online and build a more robust platform that can make business much better at handling market expectation and competition.

5. Tons of Documentation

ERP solutions, for example, Flectra are extensively documented. With the documentation at hand, teams can easily implement, customize, and collaborate with others.

Documentation is an important part of any product. The products have outstanding documentation and if a team gets stuck and finds something useful, they are always ready to update the documentation, serving the whole community.

6. Frequently Updated

No system is perfect and this is true for non-proprietary ERP solutions. Flectra, for example, is frequently updated to cover all the bugs, feature updates, module releases, and much more. The latest version has seen tons of changes in terms of features and functionality. Now, Flectra serves as a complete software bundle for businesses.

7. Future-proof

OpenSource ERP is future-proof and that's not an understatement. Complete coverage of how businesses work and frequent updates which include the latest tools and techniques makes ERP solutions future-proof. Another reason is the thriving community that clearly makes the notion of future-proof a viable one.

8. Lower Costs

Lower Costs are associated with the Open Source platform. Business only needs to spend money on implementing, migrating, and training. Also, the licensing costs are minimized for Open Source ERP solutions.

For more information regarding Open Source ERP and how it can benefit your business, contact us at [email protected]

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