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5 Myths about ERP Systems

5 Myths about ERP Systems

By Flectra

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Myth #1: ERP is too expensive
A high end ERP systems are still expensive but with new innovations and technical advancements made it all possible to have more affordable ERP systems. The new cloud offerings make it possible to get ERP at way to lower cost of ownership. and with flexible pricing, it's way more easy to scale up ERP features Myth #2: ERP takes too long to implement The time required for an ERP implementation generally will be dictated by a range of factors, such as the size of the business, the expectations of company leadership, the number of users, the degree of customization, the scope and technical complexity of the change, and the availability of resources. Successful implementation, therefore, could require a commitment ranging from several months to a couple of years.

 Myth #3: ERP increases the burden That's not true, users can save the time that they are wasting in duplicating entries for reporting purpose, though this will involve putting in some time initially for setting up configuring the software. Myth #4: ERP is good when you have too many people No you don't need it with large staff. start with couple of people and it can work as a base for growth remember : a streamlined information management is never a late decision to start with. Myth #5: ERP is only for Large Businesses No, that's not true. Business size or revenue doesn't play any role in erp implementation. You can start ERP with 1 user only. catalyst for growth of the organization wherein it can help the company scale up to higher levels. ERP software like Flectra are also robust and scalable in nature wherein, they grow with the organization and the management does not outgrow the use of the ERP software for a very long time.

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