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12 Months of Flectra

12 Months of Flectra

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It’s been 12 months of the first release of Flectra and we can’t thank all of the people who have been with us during this short journey. During the time Flectra has been at the receiving end of a lot of ill-informed and motivated criticism. What has been its real performance and outcome?

The Pre Release Days

Since the announcement of the fork, Flectra has already caught lots of attention. Attention that hurt lots of sentiments of competitors. Leading to start an organized spreading of FUD, if that wasn't enough,a monetory offer to shutdown flectr or be it  a vogue Civil suite with the intent of just to damage the image of Flectra. The great civil suit, which they could not even argue upon in the court and end up losing money and concluding the suit as disposed off. They still have their fantasy blog about vogue facts of the case which they think is a great achievement.

The Flectra Impact

From the date of release, Flectra has changed the situation radically. The number of localizations were added, especially for India, Singapore, and UAE, and many more in the road map. This opened upmarket for Flectra in the number of countries, especially in India where GST impact was high and other solutions were far away from providing the actual solution.

Flectra gained tremendous traction with Indian organization, with around 300+ companies in the first couple of months of release started using Flectra for their business needs. Now at end of the year, it's more than 1000+ now in a short span of 12 months.

Many new developers joined the bandwagon as community efforts started taking shape.

What they found most promising? Our initial commitment, upgrades will be always part of the system and you won't need any additional contract and service for upgrades.

We have seen great trends of organizations who started building products around the Flectra which shows their high level of trust in Flectra.

Now overall more than 4500 companies are using Flectra, which is increasing exponentially day by day. We are expecting to reach 10,000 companies by end of March 2019, leading to estimated around 100,000 users.

With 100+ downloads every day and more than 750+ apps on Flectra app store enabled for 1 click install, with each going day we are improving the Flectra experience.

The release of delayed addons for view editing (view editor) and app building ( module builder) has marked our first milestone towards the open sourcing collaborative efforts, wherein people can contribute towards making the most awaited and prominent features open source.

The Future Roadmap

We have been constantly trying to get updates from community members on what they wish to see in our upcoming releases.

For many of the community members, a built-in localization is a great start point, wherein some a latest technologies and framework is the priority. Keeping this in mind and balancing both, we will be releasing some more localizations in upcoming releases with framework enhancements.

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